our team /

  • DAMIAN BYEON Operation Division


    Co-Founder, Riseagain

    Communication Manager KOMRAS

    B.A. in Event Management And

    Advertising, lowa State University

  • Jayden Hwang Research Division


    Research Engineer, LG Display

    M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, GIST

    (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)

  • Mina Kim Community Division

    eCommerce Biz Manager, ICB

    M.S. in International Management,

    Exeter University

    B.L. in International Political Economy,

    Peking University

  • Jerry Ahn Community Division

    Education Platform manager, UBION

    Web Service manager, AhnGraphics

    International Relationship,

    Catholic University of Korea

  • Jason Lee Strategy Division


    Cross-border payment expert

    M.S. Sogang Information & Technology

  • Grek Won System & Security Division

    Senior System Engineer, YeloPay

    Senior System Engineer, Sysgate

    System Engineer, UBPay

  • Kyungsu Min Technical Division

    System Engineer, SK Communications

    System Engineer, Interpark

  • David Jeong Technical Division

    Software Engineer, Mining Pool Project

    Software Engineer, SKT Voip Smart Conference

    Software Engineer,

    Ankle Monitor System of Korea Minister of Justice


  • Jaewoo Cho Advisory

    Steem witness 2016~,

    Bitshares witness 2014~2016

    KAIST Researcher

  • Xianchun Bi Advisory

    P2P network expert

    The co-founder of Beijing Baofeng

    M.S. in Computer science

    Tsinghua University

  • Seungsu Kang Advisory

    Attorney, Kim & Chang

    Director, Cyber Crime Police


    Foreign Affairs Division of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

    J.S.D., East China University of political science&law

  • JACK LEE Advisory

    Vice president, China Merchants

    Securities Korea Subsidiary

    Software Engineer, SK Holdings C&C

    B.E. In Software Engineering,

    Zhejiang University

  • Jessie Jin Advisory

    Country manager of ABCC

    Head of Business Development, Strami Inc

    Senior Business Development Manager, Ant Financial

    Attorney, Kim& Chang

    LL.M. in Antimonoply law,

    Seoul National University